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Our #1 priority: To keep your investment at its peek. Regular scheduled maintenance can keep your boat running smooth all season, nobody wants to be off the water for a repair. 

Book your SPRING READY maintenance early for a fun filled boating season.



  • Checking boat accessories.

  • Checking all engine fluids.

  • Checking battery connections & load test.

  • Checking House Systems.

  • Checking Stern Drive fluid, bellows & functions.

  • Check through hulls, strainers, seacocks & bilge pumps. 

  • Engine Start Up -- Making sure you have no running issues.

  • Minor to Major

  • Tune Ups

  • Oil & Filter

  • Fuel Filter

  • Belts & Pulleys

  • Water flow & Engine temp

  • Check and replace gear lube

  • Remove Drive & Check Engine

  • Alinement

  • Cross Joints & Gimble Bearing

  • Some models do not have grease fittings

  • Check all Bellows & Shift Cables


Your motors are the life of your boat regular maintenance can extended the life of your engines.  If under warranty there will be a schedule you'll need to follow check your warranty manual for particulars. A good rule of thumb for maintenance would be:

  • Tune Ups - Every 200 Hours or as per your Warranty Schedule

  • Oil & Filter - Yearly or every 100 Hours

  • Fuel Filter -  Yearly or every 100 Hours

  • Gear Lube - Yearly or every 100 Hours

  • Drive Service - Yearly or every 100 Hours

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