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What does Spring Ready really mean, it means check, check, and triple check your boat before putting it in the water.  Remember the waters of Georgian Bay are not only beautiful and fun but can be very dangerous.

We want to make sure you are on

the water in a well-tuned vessel.


First: When taking your boat out of

storage do a complete visual 

inspection. A few pictures works well and takes the guess work out of it.  Take them before storage and after that way you can compare.  If your boat was tarped or shrink wrapped, check to see if there are any tears or damage in the covering. Next uncover your boat and go over every inch inside and out, look for any unwanted signs of small furry creatures, dust or mildew, as now would be the time to take care of these.

Cleaning: A boat is much like cleaning your house you can do a lick and a promise or a deep clean, we suggest a deep clean in the Spring and the Fall to keep your investment in tip top shape.  Check for Mold and Mildew and clean immediately as these can grow on boat upholstery especially around stitching.  Mold and Mildew cleaners can be made with household ingredients , you can find these DIY cleaners on line the best one I found was

  • White Vinegar

  • Liquid Dish Soap

  • Warm Water

  • Club Soda  

If the DIY method isn't for you there are many products in the Marina Store check them out.  You should always finish up with a High-quality protective solution to provide an extra layer of protection against UV damage and help protect your upholstery through the boating season. The rest of the time a quick clean with a marine grade product may be best.

Mechanical/Electrical:  Book your Spring Ready Visit with us.

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